Oasis Lodge #41

Instituted— June 4th, 1954

Chartered— June 10th, 1955

Over 60 years of
Bringing Brothers to Masonic light in Las Vegas

  • Brotherly Love

    Fellowship and brotherly love are a foundation of a Masonic principles.  Our brothers come from all walks of life, yet meet upon the level, as equals and friends, to help and assist each other, especially in times of need.

  • Relief

    As a fundamental characteristic of all Masons, we support the Las Vegas community through numerous service and scholarship programs. Faith is lost in sight, hope is lost in fruition, but Charity extends beyond the grave…

  • Truth

    The practice of Freemasonry is the continuous search for light. It is a symbol of universal, as well as personal, truths that we are all in search. All Masons labor to find Truth from their first step in Freemasonry until their final breath.

The Officers
of the Lodge

Brian Thomas
Worshipful Master

Grand Lodge
of Nevada


Most Worshipful
Mark A. Marsh
Grand Master of Masons in Nevada

Carson Lodge #1

Grand Lodge of Nevada
Grand Lodge Officers
from Oasis #41
  • W. David Bechtel, P.M.
    Grand Marshal

  • W. Michael E. Reinhardt
    Grand Historian

  • W. Robert C. Eldridge
    Grand Trustee

  • Bro. Jake Lewis
    Grand WebMason

Past Grand Masters
from Oasis #41
  • M.W. Ovid A. Moore
    Grand Master of Masons in Nevada

  • M.W. Dan I. Newman*
    Grand Master of Masons in Nevada

Officers of the
Grand Lecturer
  • W. Phil Michaelson, P.M.
    District Deputy Grand Lecturer

Our Masters

….the foundation upon which we continue to build.

Brian Thomas (2018)
Shane Venable (2017)
Jon Cambangay (2016)
David Bechtel (2015 / 60th)
Robert Storebo (2014)
David Bolshazy (2013)
Jesse Heki (2012)
Michael Creason (2011)*
Curtis Swanson (H) 2011
Phil Michaelson (2010)
Frank Bolshazy (2009)
Michael R. Duncan (2008)
James H. Beggs (2007)
Abraham Velasco (2006)
Kenneth Keil (2005)
H. Peter Davidson (H) (2005)
Gordon Root (2004)*
David C. Liano (2003)*
Richard Gross (2002)
Johnny Lynch (2001)
Scott Kelley (2000)
Bruce W. Nelson (1999)
Mel Rosenbloom (1998)
Clifford D. Reay (1997)
D. E. (Pix) Pixley (1996)
Jack Laino(1995)*
C.K. Davis (1994)*
Craig S. Ruby (1993)
Michael E. Reinhardt (1992)
Dan I. Newman (1991)*
Brent M. Harden (1990)*
John F. Smith (1989)
Thomas H. Pouliot (1988)
Donald G. Daum (1987)
John Belch (1986)*
Loy G. O’Brien (1985)
Donald O. Knight (1984)*
Gary S. Abbott (1983)
John J. Wawerna (1982)*
Nels A. Jacobson (1981)
Gary B. Delaney (1980)*
F.H. Frank Martin (1979)*
W.S. Bob Rash Jr. (1978)*
Elmer M. Byrge (1977)*
Raymond E. Bobo (1976)*
Gerald C. Abbot (1975)*
Charles A. McIntyre (1974)
Kenneth M. Feldman (1973)
Richard Ashton (1972)*
Warren L. Perkins (1971)*
Ovid A. Moore (1970)
Don I. Johnson (1969)
Edward M. Draper (1968)*
G. Dale Norton (1967)*
Julio Lecchese (1966)*
William Anderson (1965)*
Richard S. Whitall (1964)*
George B. Lynch (1963)*
William L. Dawson (1962)*
Francis C. Bradshaw (1961)*
Jack MacDonald (1960)*
Byron J. Morris (1959)*
George B. Langley(1958)*
W. Charles Askew (1957)*
Donald Ferguson (1956)*
Arthur L. Gifford (1954-55)*